Welcome to FairGo Group

The buying alliance for the not-for-profit and community sector.


A better deal for the community sector

For too long the Not-For-Profit and Community sector hasn’t received a fair go

2 FairGo Busy Office illus FINALPaying more than you should impacts your bottom line and erodes desperately needed and hard earned funds.

We understand you don’t have the negotiation resources and buying power of major corporates.  We know resources are stretched and every year you have to achieve more with less.

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We’re here to help

As community heroes on the front line your organisation should be rewarded not penalised.  We know you want to save money as well as partner with ethical suppliers that match your social and environmental values.

A better deal from a better supplier.

The FairGo

FairGo saves community organisations time and money   

7A Close up of hand shake FINALWe negotiate cheaper and fairer rates with more suitable terms and better service.  Our suppliers are ethical, sustainable and actually care.15 FairGo Lightglobe illus FINAL

The FairGo network supports some of Australia’s largest charities as well as Australia’s smallest community organisations.  We go in to bat for the NFP sector and use our collaborative market power to get the best offer.

13 FAIRGO Clock illus FINALWe’re starting right now with one of the largest drains in the procurement portfolio: electricity.  Upward spiral of prices, government policies, renewable targets and a fluctuating market place makes finding the best price with the best provider confusing and out of reach.  So starting with electricity made perfect sense.

9 Happy person at whiteboard illus FINALWe do all the hard work so you don’t have to

We grade suppliers and keep them honest using 32 impact points including customer service, price, community contribution, transparency, diversity and environmental impact.  This analysis, along with our group buying power and scale ensures you get the best price from the best supplier.

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We’re in it for the long haul

We’ve started with energy and the battle doesn’t stop there.  We’re committed to finding you better suppliers with the best offers in a range of categories.  Our philosophy ensures we keep you up to date with current market trends and information that impacts your buying choices.  So watch this space.

Investing in a better Australia for tomorrow

We’re proudly committed to funding ideas and innovation to make Australia better.  FairGo invests back into the not-for-profit sector by funding collaboration, ideas and events that build a stronger and more sustainable community. Contact us if you have an event, partnership or idea to support… we’re all ears.

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Getting you a fair go

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We know you’re busy and so your FairGo Partnerships Manager guides you through a simple checklist which makes switching easy, seamless and efficient.

With only 15 minutes of your time we can have you saving money and enjoying the benefits of a new supplier in less than 24 hours (at no cost or risk to your organisation).

Customer service and taking care of you is a pivotal part of the FairGo experience. It’s easy, fast, safe and risk free. Something your donors and board members will love. You’ll never look back.