FairGo Faith Network

1B FairGo-Single_Church_work-colour2 copyAll places of worship take different approaches, but at heart their common aim is to help people lead more spiritually fulfilled lives.

At FairGo Group we understand that church organisations want to focus on their mission, and we are here to help save time and money on core operational items.

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On behalf of the not-for-profit sector, we negotiate competitive rates for churches so that they can benefit from being part of a larger buying group – even when buying services for just one site – so they can focus resources on serving their local community.

Our service providers are selected on the basis of their ethical and environmental stance as well as on their ability to provide a strong commercial offer. Our Faith Network members believe this aligns more strongly with their values and those of the church sector.

We support the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change.  We are proud to help churches, temples, mosques, synagogues and all places of worship to get better deals on utilities and other services. To learn more about the process click here

Register your interest in becoming part of the FairGo Faith Network or contact our Faith Network Team at faith@fairgogroup.com